Sunday, January 29, 2012


Some time ii seriously wonder.
Wonder do you even understand me and know what ii want or not.
ii don't think so.
Every time when ii see my fren getting propose ii will hint you.
But you always think that what ii meant was the gift or present they received.
But ii'm so sorry.
That's not what ii mean.
What ii want is a propose from you.
With or without things ii don't mind.
At least you propose to me.
What ii want is not the money that counts but the thoughts that count.
Do you even know?
What ii want is just you opening your mouth and propose.
You say you understand this and that but till the very last thing you still say that also need a ring to propose to me.
ii don't need a ring, ii don't need a present.
ii just need those words.
You really hurt me deeply when ii say ii hate you and you ask me why? Isit because that you don't have the money to buy me those things?
Get your mind right!
If ii'm those money minded kind of person ii won't even choose you in the first place.
When most of the ppl disagree.
ii won't even settle down with you and give birth to a son and been tied down.
Unable to go to the places ii want to go.
Do the things ii want to do.
ii really wonder are we even compatible?
Are we?
ii'm really disappointed.
Thanks to you.

Shall update soon.
Take care ppl~

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Photo of my little boy.

Photo of him since birth till now.

Longed since updated.

Sorry being long since ii update my blog.
Due to some prob ii aren't able to update my blog tru my lappy.
Since my last update till now my precious boy is already 7 mnth old.
He is indeed a mischievous one.
Seriously can't stand him.
He have already grow his 2 little teeth.
Since birth till now really had gone tru alot with him.
He really brought me alot of laughter and angriness.
When just give birth he is really adorable.
Just slp and wake up for milk punctually.
Slowly he know how to smile and move his hand and leg.
Then start to be talkative.
Keep talking his baby language non stop.
Next he start to walk in his little walker.
Slowly enjoy and walking around.
Next he learn to flip over.
Now everything he is on hand.
And start to be very naughty.
Seeking attention and playing around.
Pulling everything he could see and put in his mouth.
Oh my.
Previously just had a great fall from the bed.
And had one big baluku on his head.
Due to his flipping and turning on the bed.
ii start worrying.
Everytime he grow up he turn more and more active and naughty.
ii can't imagine the future.
But due to his action, he really bring alot of laughter to the family.
Alot of ppl dote him much.
Even my mum.
Sometime it do make me jealous.
Cause my mum use to dote me alot till he was out in this world.
Seeing him growing up day by day and mnth by mnth ii really felt very xin wei.
Even though ii have been tied down by him but ii'm fine with it.
He is really very impt to me.
No one and ii mean no one can replace him.
Some time looking at him make my tears roll down.
Everything ii have been tru is worth it.
Really love him alot.
Son, if one day after you grow up and this blog here still exit, pls take note that mummy really love you alot and pls be a good boy alright?

Shall update soon.
Take care ppl~

Monday, January 2, 2012

Testing testing

Testing testing for publishing.

Monday, April 25, 2011

37 more days!

what should ii blog this time?
baby still left around 37 more days to get to see this world!
everything is almost done just waiting for his arrival.
ii have a complex of mix feeling now.
happy, curious and scared.
scared of the labouring time.
at first ii'm not afraid of it.
but there's once ii admitted to kkh tot ii would be giving birth anytime.
the feeling simply just freak me out when waiting for cab down.
just that moment ii can seriously shiver when waiting.
but everything was fine.
happy cause after so many mnths of hard work finally this little devil is coming out.
curious is cause ii really wonder how will my little devil look like.
ii have a feeling my this little devil weights alot.
felt that he's so heavy.
having a hard time moving around.
crawling out of bed and even lying down on bed.
my body heat seriously like hell man!
always felt hot no matter how's the weather outside.
have to stay in the aircon room or face directly in front of the fan.
the doc say that this little devil is very active.
ii really wonder would he also be so active when he comes out?
he's a little devil now in my tummy.
really hope he won't be one when he comes out.
sometime just couldn't wait for his arrival!
so excited thinking of it.
now reaching this state ii notice my appetite have cut down.
heard it's normal.
cause due to baby rotating of their head preparing to come out and etc will cut down my appetite.
seriously baby boy.
ii really hope and wish you would be a healthy and lively boy when you come out so noone can say nasty things again.
this period of having you mummy really have let ppl say alot of things.
so for mummy sake of fighting back for mummy's right you must promise to come out and be a healthy, cute and chubby boy.
feeling more and more tired nowadays due to gonna labour soon.
felt damn lazy too.
can't even pack and clean my room.
think shall end here lerhs bahs!

Shall update soon.
Take care ppl~

Friday, March 18, 2011

baby kayven 7th mnth big

baby kayven is already 7th mnth old.
and his weight now is around 1.3kg and is 15cm big.
doc say that he is perfectly healthy, fine and strong.
whereas it assure me everything.
glad to hear all this.
now ii'm at the 3rd trimester of pregnancy.
everything is normal.
just for some of the pregnancy act of it when ii first knew that ii'm pregnant came back.
ii can't take much heat now.
can't even slp at night.
sometime when ii slping ii just felt that ii'm half aslp.
dreaming almost everyday.
but all this is okay.
what's make me cannot stand it is the backache and giddiness.
sometime when ii just wanna go out also can't.
out of sudden will feel nausea and the giddiness is the kind of blacking out.
so ii seldom dare to go out.
looking for jobs during pregnancy is the worst thing!
ii had never came over job searching in such a difficulty spot.
but what to do?
cause of some family prob and financial prob ii still have to move on and look for jobs.
this coming mon ii'm going for 3 interview.
hope everything will go smooth for me.
really have to work to buy baby's thing.
just notice ii still have so much to buy after listing everything out and baby kayven is coming out just around in 2mnths plus time.
the time is getting nearer.
felt so excited and scare.
really wonder how will my boy look like?
and will he have alot of hair.
baby with alot of hair really look adorable!
but when ii'm thinking about the delivery time everything cannot settle me down.
getting more and more emotional lately.
trying not to think so much so that ii won't affect the baby.
and now my appetite is horrible!
ii can eat at least 2bowl of rice when ii'm hungry and felt very hungry in less than 30mins.
some ppl tell me that don't take in too much carbonated food but only carbonated food will make me full.
and ii felt that you can take in carbonated food but just that you have to know how to control your serving.
and thanks for the support of those passer-by to my blog.
your comments really motivate me alot.
Shall update soon!
Take care ppl~